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Historical, Contemporary Romance.

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I began writing many years ago although at that time it was writing notes in a scrapbook during my school breaks. Inspiration came to me as I got older and the love of writing became more than a hobby and a lifetimes dream. I felt I wanted to write various genre and today I have a four books series of adult fictional crime plus two books of historical fiction and more recently my on-the-edge thriller along with my book of romantic fiction. In my bucket list I dream of the day I see my book(s) on the bookshelves for readers to enjoy.


Thanks to Avid Publishing I at last will see at least one of my books being published.

Avid Books: Robert James Bridge


August 13, 2019
3.0 150 (ratings)
In the 1950s, the struggles and fight against racism was alive and well and for a black man to become a Senator was almost unheard of in the town of Memphis. Joshua’s story tells of the challenges he faces as he enters into the world of politics and power and the fight against terrorism.


August 2, 2019
3.0 150 (ratings)
Margot Giligan is about to leave the confines of the ever watchful eyes of the nuns at her local all girls' Catholic School on the outskirts of Belfast, her home town in Northern Ireland.
Sealed With A Loving Kiss tells the story of a second chance at love that blossoms through all adversity.
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