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In the spirit of Pride 2018, we all wish to belong somehow, somewhere. The ultimate satisfaction one could enjoy is belonging and fitting it, knowing one's place in the big scheme of things. Check out these stories from Whitney Cannon and L.B La Vigne that would blow your mind away.


Vanilla By Whitney Cannon

Wendel has struggled his whole life to fit in. His stutter has always left him with few if any friends; none of them boyfriends. Surviving in a life of solitude, Wendel needs to decide if risking the sanctuary he has created for himself is worth sharing his darkest truths. Can he step out of the shield he hides behind to give someone the chance to accept him for who he really is? Or, will the results of how he’s been treated in the past, keep him from taking a chance on possible acceptance?


Taming The Vampire by L.B La Vigne

When Matt finds a vampire on the beach who's into rough sex, he can't help but take him home. They engage in a series of depraved acts, all of which are consensual. But when Matt has to go to a family funeral for a few days, he leaves Chris, his vampire lover, in the hands of someone with sinister motives

Pride18 [Belong] - Whitney Cannon & L.B La Vigne

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  • RELEASE DATE: September 4, 2018

    GENRE: Avid Book, Alternative M/M, LGBT, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

    WORD COUNT: 20,000 words

    PAGE COUNT: 72 pages

              All of his past experiences made Wendel leery to trust new people. There were very few people in this world who Wendel trusted, one of them being his boss, Julia. She had immediately taken a protective mother-hen stance with Wendel and was there for him if he ever had a situation at work that he couldn’t handle. Letting someone new see his struggles, faults, and vulnerabilities was a terrifying prospect. Not to mention the tsunami someone would have to be willing to endure just to be in a relationship with him. 
              Wendel remembered the smile and earnest expression on David’s face, though, and the way he was almost hesitant to approach Wendel. He had said he’d seen Wendel around for months. That must have meant David had noticed him some time ago. David hadn’t even twitched at Wendel’s stutter. He just seemed happy to be there and almost relieved that Wendel agreed to accept his phone number. 
              Wendel fingered the slip of paper, stared at it, and tapped it several times on the table. He picked up his phone and sighed, then pulled up a new text and entered a simple message:  
              >It’s Wendel. We met at the airport. When and where did you want to meet up?   


              He plopped down near a large boulder so he could lay back on it. He could hear the ocean and caught a glimpse of waves occasionally as the clouds moved overhead. He let his head loll forward, and the salty breeze coming off the water felt good and kept him awake. 
              He wasn’t sure how long he’d sat there, but he knew that at some point, he spilled his beer. “Oh fuck,” he whispered, righting it. Then he took a sip. 
              A noise drew his attention, though he didn’t even look over at it. Behind him was a sparsely forested area made of thin trees that loomed ominously in the dark. Matt had grown tired and was quickly headed towards a nap when he heard something sniffing and moving closer. The wind didn’t pierce past him so pointedly suddenly, so he turned to look just as a cloud moved overhead to reveal moonlight on the beach. 
              Something had come towards him and didn’t stop. It was hunched over, though on two legs like a human, but it had made a growling sound. “Oh shit,” he remembered slurring, still holding his half-empty beer, though his grip on it tightened. “Are you a zombie or something?” he asked as it got closer. Matt could see it, he, was naked. The stranger knelt down, eyes glowing a threatening red and its expression looking angry and hungry. “No fucking way.”

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